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Registration for our courses is ongoing. Webinars are available year round! Please use the links below to learn more about our training!

 Cybercounselling Level I

Cybercounselling - Level I is a twelve-week, three Micro-Credential online course designed for experienced counselling practitioners who want to provide professional ethical online services. Take one Micro-Credential (MC) or all three!

  • MC 1 focuses on Video Counselling
  • MC 2 focuses on Chat Counselling
  • MC 3 focuses on Email Counselling


  • Master's degree in counselling or a related field or equivalent combination of experience and training
  • Membership in a professional association and adherence to their ethical code.

To learn more about the courses click here.

To REGISTER (or if you have questions) please email Lawrence Murphy

Marketing Your Practice

Graduate degrees in the helping professions don't include courses in business and marketing. Despite the fact that 50% of professionals say they want to set up a private practice at some point in their careers!

Clients need to know you exist. And you need to make sure you're marketing. And you also want to feel good about the way you present your serices. So much of marketing seems...well...sleazy. So what then?

At the end of this 4-week program you will:

  1. Establish your primary and secondary target markets
  2. Develop problem and solution statements directed at your clients
  3. Understand the literacy level necessary to comunicate with clients and implement this knowledge on your website
  4. Learn how to market your services and feel comfortable and confident in the process
  5. Create a basic tool kit for marketing in person, in print and online.

Course fee is $399 CDN

To learn more, or to register for this course, email Lawrence Murphy.

 Cybercounselling Level II

Cybercounselling - Level II is a twelve-week, three-module online course designed for counselling practitioners who have completed Cybercounselling Level I and want to deepen and refine their cybercounselling expertise.  Upon completion of Level II, participants are issued certificates issued exclusively by Therapy Online.


  • Cybercounselling Level I

More information

The Fall 2024 course will run September 13 to December 19.

To pre-register please email Lawrence

Self-Care in the Online World

All of us know about self-care. All of us know we should sleep 8 hours, and eat well, and meditate, and limit our use of marijuana, alcohol and caffeine. We all know it would be good to keep a journal and see a therapist in times of need and maintain a supportive group of friends. We all know.

But if the pandemic taught us anything, it is that the old ways that "we all know" aren't always enough. Online environemnts put different strains on us. The impact of these distance cousnelling tools changes the clinical experience for us and our clients.

There is more to self-care in the online world than what we have previously been taught. Join us for this two-week fully online course.

Course fees are $199 CDN.

To learn more, or to register for this course, email Lawrence Murphy.

 Foundations of Cybercounselling

Offered in collaboration with the University of Toronto, this eight-week online course covers theories and research in online counselling as well as introduces participants to some of the practical aspects of doing counselling online. The course covers various modalities of online counselling including e-mail counselling, video counselling, real-time chat and website or bulletin-board based approaches. We also explore work being done with individuals, couples, families and groups online.


  • None

Fall 2024 registration information coming soon.

Questions? email Lawrence Murphy

Webinars and Customisation

A variety of half-day webinars are on offer:

  • Video Counselling
  • Telephone and text-based counselling
  • Policies and Procedures (targeted at EDs, managers and supervisors)
  • Addictions-Focused Work Online
  • Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  • Community-based Services including LTC Services
  • Enhancing Engagement and Group Cohesion Online
  • Single Session Therapy Online

All webinars are 3.5 hours and cost $1500 plus GST/HST. IWe can craft these webinars specifically for various populations including children and youth, Indigenous communities, families experiencing violence, colleges and universities and others. Contact us to customise something for your team!

To book a webinar or to discuss customising the training, email Lawrence Murphy.