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About Therapy Online

Mission Statement

Our mission is to joyfully improve the personal and relational welfare of humanity – those near us (ourselves, our immediate families and colleagues) and those around the world (our clients, customers and contacts)...

by engaging in means that are consistent with personal human caring, outstanding ethics and integrity, and by taking leadership in applying innovative technological methods.

Therapy Online was founded in 1994 and began offering its services in 1995 on a modem-accessed local bulletin board service. Since the beginning, we have worked hard to be leaders in the field of online counselling by:

  • carefully examining existing ethical codes for counselling
  • applying those codes to our online counselling practice
  • developing new ethics specifically for online counselling
  • taking leadership in the field of counselling by developing and teaching effective online counselling skills
  • engaging in research and publishing professional articles on online counselling skills and practical issues
  • training professionals in the human service industry through conferences, workshops, and university-based continuing education programmes
  • developing and refining software to serve the full needs of online clinicians
  • employing affiliate counsellors who provide outsourced online counselling for other agencies. I invite you to find out more about our counsellors.
  • When the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) was developing their code of ethics for WebCounselors, we were invited to participate.
"In monitoring therapy services on the World Wide Web, we discovered one, among over 1,000, which impressed us as having an exemplary system of protecting clients. That site is"

~ T. W. Clawson, former NBCC Executive Director, personal communication, September 15, 1997

"Without doubt, (Therapy Online has) gone farther than any other WebCounselors known to me in their attempts to offer professional, ethical services."

~ Dr. John Bloom, former Chairperson, Webcounseling Ethics Committee, National Board for Certified Counselors