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PrivacEmail Professionalâ„¢

Secure Email for Professional Helpers and their Clients

Features and Implications for Clinicians

Features Implications

The PrivacEmail Professional system can be integrated with your web site.

Clients can register and login from your web site. Other secure e-mail services exist, but do not allow site integration. is a therapy-neutral domain name.

Third parties cannot infer from the domain name that a client is involved in online counselling. Web browsers and e-mail programs store records on the client's computer. Even PGP does not hide domain names that reveal a client's involvement in counselling. (e.g.,

Only you, the professional, can access your client demographics via the PrivacEmail Secure Administrative Interface.

PrivacEmail's Secure Administrative Interface allows you to take action in client emergencies. This feature, crucially important for clinicians, is not available with other web-based e-mail services. Without PrivacEmail, clients may initiate contact via non-secure e-mail. These clients may reveal information that requires you to take immediate action. But if they do not provide a name or contact information, action may be impossible.

PrivacEmail, including the administrative interface, is entirely web-based.

  1. PrivacEmail can be accessed from anywhere
  2. No record is left on the computer being used
Clients can use publicly accessible computers.

Clinicians can continue to connect with clients while traveling.

Clients often share their computer with other members of the same household. With PrivacEmail, clients can leave no trace of the fact that they are communicating with a professional.
Professionals* have free access to the Online Learning Community

*Level 1 Certified Cybercounsellors only
Much of the content of our Cybercounselling courses is available. This is a fabulous reference for online practice.

PrivacEmail is asynchronous.

Appointments and co-ordination of time zones are not necessary. Clients and practitioners can read and write to one another at their convenience.

PrivacEmail is secured by 2048-bit end-to-end encryption.

This is stronger encryption than that used by financial institutions. A feeling of safety is essential for effective online counselling.

PrivacEmail is easy to set up.

Ease of set up is critically important for clients who are distressed. Clients do not need to download or install special software.

PrivacEmail is easy to use.

  1. The user interface is friendly and intuitive.
  2. There is no need to exchange public keys, as is usually the case with encryption software.
Clients don't even need to know what a "public key" is! These processes happen securely, quickly, and transparently.

PrivacEmail is digital signature enabled.

Digital signatures...
  1. verify both the clinician's identity and the client's identity*.
  2. alert users if a third party has tampered with or altered the message.
Clinicians can digitally sign their messages or verify their clients' signatures simply by clicking a box in the the e-mail interface.

* Identity verification may also require an initial offline process.

PrivacEmail offers e-mail notification.

Email notification allows clients and clinicians to receive a message by regular e-mail whenever they have received a PrivacEmail message. By default, these notifications contain no confidential contents.

PrivacEmail is tolerant of disconnecting from the Net

Staying online is not necessary. Users can disconnect from the Internet and reconnect when ready to send or close the program. It may be expensive for clients to maintain a continuous connection to the Net while reading and writing messages.