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Fees for PrivacEmailâ„¢

Many other online counselling agencies charge a flat fee no matter how much time the counsellor spends on replying. We guarantee that our counsellors dedicate an hour to replying to each of your Private Conversation messages. We believe that you deserve to be treated with care and honour. So your message receives a full hour of our undivided attention.

If you decide to use the live Text-Chat instead of Private Conversations, the session will last about 50 minutes. Fees for chat are the same as for a single Private Conversation.

Our counsellors are experts in online counselling. Each one holds a minimum of a Master's degree. Each one has at least 10 years of in-person counselling experience. Each one has special training in online counselling. And each one has many years of experience providing online counselling.

Our fees are $100.00 (Canadian) per hour of counsellor time given to reading and responding to your Private Conversation. This is enough time for your counsellor to read your message and reply deeply and thoughtfully to your concerns.

Fees for chat are the same. You and your counsellor will chat for 50 minutes. (This allows 10 minutes for "paper work")

Payment is required in advance of each Private Conversation or Text-Chat session through PayPal.

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