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What we do

We have created an online personal counselling experience that is, as much as possible, like fact to face counselling. Our professional ethics are the same. Our standards of practice are the same. Just like if we were meeting you in an office. You will receive the same level of care and concern online.

Therapy Online provides two ways for you to connect with your counsellor. First, we offer our Private Conversations. This is a lot like email. You and your counsellor write and read at different times. And we also offer a live messaging system we call Text-Chat. In this case you and your counsellor are online at the same time.

How does it work?

After you have securely registered and described your concerns online, your counsellor will communicate with you through our encrypted communication system. In real time chat or in an email-style Private Conversation.

Registration and payment is fast and easy. But do take the time to describe your concerns so that your counsellor will know how to help you. You will receive a personal welcome from your counsellor within 24 business hours, and a full therapeutic reply within 72 hours. Each time your counsellor writes to you, you will receive a notification in your regular email. That's the one you fill in when you register.

When you receive the notification, cick the link and you will be taken to the PrivacEmail system. Log in and you will be abel to read and reply to your counsellor's message.

What is a Private Conversation™ session?

If you go to a counsellor's office for counselling, you will usually spend about 50 minutes with your counsellor discussing your concerns, setting goals, and working through solutions. This is a counselling session. Similarly, your online counsellor will spend at least 50 minutes writing you an in depth and personal therapeutic reply. In a very real sense, you counsellor will provide you therapy through email, which is why we call one exchange of secure email messages between you and your counsellor a Private Conversation™ session.

What about a Text-Chat session?

A Text-Chat session is more like a regular counselling session. You and your counsellor will decide on a day and time. You both log into the system. When the time comes your counsellor starts a chat session. On your screen you will see a yellow banner inviting you to join the chat. Click on the ink and you and your counsellor are connected. You will chat for about 50 mintues.

Note that the complete Chat is saved in your account. You can log back in and review the chat whenever you want. In fact, your counsellor will probably encourage you to do so. More reflection on the issues leads to more change and improvement!


Our proprietary software, specifically designed for the sole purpose of online counselling, is called PrivacEmail™. PrivacEmail is pronounced "Privacy-Mail". Our Internet Security page provides details about how PrivacEmail™ protects your confidentiality.

Is it effective?

The research is clear. Online counselling is as good as face to face counselling for almost every issue that a person might bring to a counsellor. If you're interested (and can tolerate the academic-speak!) check out the publications from our Research Institute.

In this short article, one of our counsellors and her client both describe what online counselling is like for them.

Schell, D. (2010). Being there. Crosscurrents: The Journal of Addiction and Mental Health, 13(2), 16-17.

Please note that when you download this article, a copy will be saved to your local computer - which means that if another person uses your computer, they may discover that you are interested in online counselling.

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Here are a few comments from our clients:

"I really appreciate the help I had from [my counsellor], by helping me deal with my problems and facing my fears. …my family is not aware of this."

"This is the first time I have tried online counselling or any counsellor for that matter and I found it to be very helpful; I will definitely use it again if needed."

"I appreciate the professional help... [My counsellor] is an amazing counsellor.  I felt very comfortable telling her my problems. Her wittiness and sense of humour was a big factor in opening up to a complete stranger. [She] offered great suggestions that I have implemented in my relationship with my husband and children and I am very grateful.  Overall, I am very happy with the counselling provided to me."

"I found this process to be beneficial. [My counsellor] was insightful and helped me with various realizations."

"I really liked online counselling because I was able to re-read our TherapEmail sessions -- several times I found myself wondering, what was it that she said again? And by having it in written form, I was able to re-read the exact words she used, which is very helpful as nervousness or forgetfulness could interfere with the effectiveness of face to face counselling."

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